test automation

TechInsight offers the following:

  • Expertise regarding automation methodologies and tools
  • Ample skills in (or the ability to learn) the product foundation technologies and business domain
  • A fresh perspective to look at development activities, while staying closer to QA side
  • A strong command of skills re: build automation, scripting, OSes

Here at TechInsight, we have years of successful experience in attaining software quality with applied test automation. We can help to bring and maintain quality within your organization, through the leveraging of our experience in areas such as:

  • Initial product assessment, determining the areas requiring for test automation
  • Determination of which technologies and tools are best suited for the task, including developing custom automation solutions from scratch when necessary.
  • The design, implement and maintainance of the product testbed
  • Measurement and tracking of product quality from reports
  • Daily builds integration
  • Issues management integration
  • The expanding of coverage from functional and/or regression to performance, stress load, GUI navigation, etc.

Some of the tools and methodologies used in our current and past experiences are:

  • IBM Rational Functional Tester
  • JUnit/CPPUnit
  • JMeter
  • ant


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Email: info@techinsight.ua