With a company history spanning more than twelve years, and an portfolio of completed projects, we've gained rich experience in numerous technologies and platforms. Is it Java or .Net, or Enterprise or mobile application - whatever technology expertise you're looking for, we are prepared to research, select, and apply the best solutions for your project.

Technology is in constant state flux, and we are constantly tracking the cutting edge of this change in order to keep our completive advantage.

  • Service Oriented Architectures – from simple Web Services to modern Java or .Net technology platforms.
  • Enterprise Integration Platforms – Enterprise Java and .Net solutions experience is brought in. We have a strong background in legacy middleware platforms, such as IBM MQSeries.
  • User Interfaces – from desktop GUIs to modern Web platforms and frameworks, like Web 2.0, Ruby on Rails, etc.
  • Databases and Data Interoperability – legacy and modern data formats conversion and interoperability. Rule-based data conversion, COBOL interoperability experience.

Our software development experience also covers a broad range of platforms, including Windows, various UNIX and Linux flavors, as well as z/OS and os/400 platforms.



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