enterprise application integration

To meet the challenges of a fast-paced business environment and customer demands, organizations must have the ability to adapt numerous unrelated software applications and IT architectures for both Intranet and Internet use. Essentially, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is a process that acts as an interpreter which enhances the overall flow of information between departments, different companies and across geographies.

A perfectly coordinated interoperable software and IT architectural environment will enable your company to streamline every aspect of your business processes, from customer service to manufacturing to logistics – and everything in between – thereby improving reliability, flexibility and scalability.

Typical obstacles you may be facing:

  • Monolithic Applications – a single-tiered or self-contained application that runs independently from other applications
  • Disparate Applications – Different manufacturers, platforms and languages with data that needs to be “wired” together without changing each component
  • Legacy Application Data – information which needs to be adapted to a modern front-end portal
  • Sharing Data – across geographies, outside your organization, or through connections to external providers

TechInsight has been providing advanced Enterprise Application Integration services for more than 10 years, building essential service-oriented architectures (SOA) utilizing many products and technologies.

EAI Objectives and Process

TechInsight'’ EAI solutions are designed to provide measurable results and fast ROI by creating the right balance between business needs and IT abilities. We look at management objectives and conduct system studies & business process analyses before providing application integration, system integration, Web integration, data integration, and legacy application integration as needed. Application enhancements can also be planned and implemented.

We can plan, build and implement SOA architecture throughout your enterprise. Smaller companies can also benefit from EAI. With the growth of global international business, EAI is not limited to the budgets and requirements of the largest companies. We can integrate several enterprise applications without introducing SOA – all to meet your particular needs.

Our cooperation with IBM has enabled our expertise in IBM’s suite of integration and data transformation products:

  • WebSphere Message Broker
  • WebSphere ESB and Process Server
  • WebSphere Data Transformation Extender
  • WebSphere MQ

TechInsight Open Source Solutions Expertise:

  • JBoss ESB
  • ServiceMix
  • OpenESB

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