dedicated teams


TechInsight’s Dedicated Development Teams Provide You With:

Access to Specialized Skills – Our teams are scalable and adaptable. We gather the most qualified, experienced professionals for your project: Project Managers, Software Developers, System Analysts, Testers, Database Administrators, Network Engineers and more, with the specific technology skills required.

Seamless Extension to your Staff – You expect communication transparency and we ensure it. Regular updates and reports are provided so you can track the work through every phase of development. Your work assignments are delivered directly to the team.


TechInsight’s Dedicated Team Advantages

By integrating seamlessly with your company’s business processes, standards and corporate environment, TechInsight becomes a valuable extension of your IT department. Along with effective daily communications using email, chats and phone, we use differences in time zones to boost the development process by shifting our work hours to ensure more effective interlock with customer teams.

TechInsight provides the following advantages:

  • Corporate Processes, Security, and Integrity are maintained
  • Cultural Differences are not an issue
  • A 2-hour flight from European cities to visit your dedicated team
  • The Highest Level of Technical Expertise and Business Attitude are assured
  • Provision of full range of software development services - from concept to maintenance
  • Over 12 years of experience in building and operating dedicated teams
  • Immediate Contribution – our expertise allows us to contribute immediately and continuously, building toward the success of each project as we become an integral extension of your IT department.

We develop software for many platforms, in many programming languages:

  • Enterprise Development: Java, .NET
  • Desktop Development: .NET, Java, C++, Windows, Linux/Unix, QT
  • Web Development: Java, .NET, JavaScriptb, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails
  • Mobile Development: iPhone, Windows Mobile, Symbian, J2ME
  • Distributed Platforms: C, C++, Java, Linux, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, BSD
  • IBM iOS (OS/400) and z/OS: C, C++, Java, JCL, COBOL, REX, RPG

We have experience developing software for many Industries: Healthcare, Financial, Telecom, Logistics, Tourism and Information Technology.

Each team is assembled based on the complexity, scope and projected engagement duration. Each team is scalable to meet your exact requirements based on technological skills, expertise and budget.

Contact us today for more information on how we can help you meet your software development needs while reducing your overall budget without losing quality or control.


Phone: + 380 482 349277