application development

 We develop software for many platforms and in many programming languages:

  • Enterprise Development: Java, .NET
  • Desktop Development: .NET, Java, C++, Windows, Linux/Unix, QT
  • Web Development: Java, .NET, JavaScript, Python, PHP, Perl, Ruby on Rails
  • Mobile Development:  iPhone, Windows phone, Symbian, J2ME
  • Distributed Platforms: Java, assembler, C, C++, Linux, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, BSD
  • IBM i OS and z/OS: C, C++, Java, JCL, COBOL, REX, RPG

Our engagement model may be  fixed price or based on time and materials.

We can travel to your location or welcome you at our site, for rapid requirements gathering and knowledge transfer.

We have experience running projects using different processes: Agile, RUP. We are highly skilled in utilizing modern methodologies and tools, for example, UML, Domain Driven Design, test automation and continuous integration.

Through all development phases we keep a close watch on software quality management. The quality of our projects is built upon exceptional skills in analysis (for various domains) and software architecture/design, along with rigorous approaches to coding and testing.


Phone: + 380 482 349277