TechInsight is a firm believer in teamwork. We offer you the highest degree of expertise and experience by building the perfect team with the right skills and knowledge for your project.

Our teams exceed your highest expectations. Here’s how:

Through continual innovation, we apply our Creativity to every project. Whether it is design, developing new or more efficient algorithms, updating a development process to meet specific project requirements, or working within a specific timeframe or budget without sacrificing features or quality – our creativity is about ideas and imagination as we strive to provide the best software solutions for your business.

As a team, our Industry Experience is extensive and completely adaptable. Our business analysts, project managers and software engineers have experience in a variety of industries and information technology areas, including Telecommunications, Banking and Finance, Middleware, Enterprise Application Integration and others. Learn more about our Industries Experience…

Knowledge and expertise in a variety of Technology Skills is imperative as information technology is a rapidly changing and adapting environment. TechInsight’s teams are fluent in numerous languages including Java, .NET, C/C++; platforms such as Windows, Unix (all flavors), z/OS mainframe operating system and others. Learn more about our Technologies Skills…

The single most important asset in the software business is people. This is why we select the most capable engineers. Our selection process is beyond reproach as we leverage our company’s expertise and experience to evaluate each candidate. We evaluate technology skills, experience, knowledge, and communication skills to ensure the best engineers join our team. All our engineers hold a BS or MS degree and are fluent in English.

After attracting the best engineers, we make every effort to retain their services through motivation, by creating a professional environment that promotes continued education, matching skill sets with interesting and challenging projects, and providing an atmosphere of open communication within the company, all the way from the junior developer to top management.


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