The right, well-tuned, modern  processes achieve high-quality ranking for our services. We make provision for helping our teams work in an efficient, focused way, with repeatable – successful – results.

No one software development process is the best for all cases. We are keen to establish and adhere to the best process to suit your company culture, and to provide the software services you need.


Here at TechInsight we are faithful and appreciative adopters of the Agile development methodology. We have successful experience of running Agile projects for our customers and applying various aspects of the methodology to specific project requirements and needs:

  • Master time boxed delivery model, keep customer satisfaction high with regular and frequent software deliverables.
  • Manage effective communications between team members and stakeholders regardless of their geographical locations with scrums, modern communication and collaboration tools, advanced project tracking systems for iterations planning.  
  • Follow the lean development practices - model driven architecture and design, using UML models and tools for iteration architecture brainstorming and planning, focus on quality code, automated builds, test-driven development, collective ownership, code reviews, pair programming and more.
  • Setup framework for continuous process enhancement - measure and track velocity and other metrics, conduct iteration retrospectives to assess results, identify obstacles and set new areas/targets for improvement in the next iterations 

We have successful experience in participating and leading Agile adoption practices for the organizations and customers that were transitioned from Waterfall to Agile on big projects with geographically disparate teams. 

Waterfall SDLC 

For the Waterfall (or Classic) SDLC we can perform all phases of the process or just those you need to outsource:

  • Conceptualization - we have business analysis skills and experience in a broad range of industry and technologies to help you conceptualize the product being developed.
  • Requirements Analysis - given the project objectives we can provide requirements capturing through users interviews, review of software to integrate with, reverse engineering existing software to replace or improve. 
  • Design - we can produce all kinds of design based on the captured requirements: architectural, functional, UI designs (including prototype).
  • Development - Our software engineers are very competent in writing high quality code which is safe, portable and maintainable. 
  • Testing - we can ran all kinds of testing, including: Requirements Testing, Unit Testing, Functional Testing,  Usability Testing, System Testing, Integration testing, Regression Testing, Performance Testing 
  • Deployment - we have experience deploying complex products on many platforms. Do proper configuration and performance tuning. We are experts in troubleshooting any software configuration and integration problems and resolve them in proper way.
  • Operations and Maintenance - we have a long history of supporting operations and providing maintenance for 24x7 products. We will be able to do proper monitoring, prevent problems and plan maintenance updates with minimal or no stop to your environment.


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