case studies

SOA Middleware

Responsibilities — Requirements, design, implementation, user’s documentation, QA, support for: C++, Java, ActiveX bindings; Message parsing and conversion engine for user-defined and XML formats, full support of XML DTD and XML Schema; GUI for administrating metadata repository; Integration with WebSphere Application Server.

Tight integration with US and UK teams. Support for all components. Automated testing with over 3000 test cases.

Technologies — C, C++, Java, JNI, ActiveX, COBOL, XML, XML Schema, XSLT, SOAP, Yacc/Lex, SWIFT, LDAP, CICS, Swing, MSMQ, WebSphere MQ, WebSphere Application Server, PeopleSoft, zAssembler (code analyzing only)

Platforms — Windows, HP-UX, Solaris, AIX, z/OS, Linux

Description — This is feature-rich SOA middleware products family: SOA API for a number of programming languages supporting underlying transport from multiple vendors, such as WebSphere MQ; LDAP-based directory of services and metadata with the Swing GUI repository administrator; a powerful message conversion engine with support of user-defined and XML formats. Custom solutions were developed for SWIFT and FIX formats; Message brokers; File transfer.

Performance Monitoring for J2EE Application Servers and Web Servers

Responsibilities — Requirements, design, implementation, QA, support. Tight integration with U.S. and Chinese teams; multiple versions of the product over many years.

Technologies — C++, Java, JNI, JVMPI, JVMTI, broad range of J2EE technologies and application servers (WebSphere, WebLogic, JBoss, NetWeaver, Sun One Web Server and Application Server), CICS, zAssembler (code analyzing only)

Platforms — Windows, Linux, HP-UX, Solaris, AIX, z/OS, i5/OS

Description — The product monitoring all popular J2EE application servers using multiple techniques: byte code modification, JVMPI/JVMTI, OS statistics.

Web-based Platform for Consumer Credits

Responsibilities — Design, implementation, QA, support.

Technologies — Java, Sun One WebServer, Swing, Eclipse plugins development, JSF, IceFaces, AXIS/WebServices, WebService Security, PDF generation

Platforms — Windows, Solaris

Description — Web GUI for intermediaries, consumers and bank employees to submit, score and process credits; credits scoring based on proprietary rules engine; SOA architecture based on proprietary ESB; many B2B integrations – X.25, WebSphere MQ, WebServices, FTP; integration with Siebel.

GPS/GSM Tracker Back-End Server

Responsibilities — Design, implementation, QA, support. With tight integration with the Holland team, which implements front-end.

Technologies — Java, JBoss, JBoss cluster, JPA, EJB3, JNDI, PostgreSQL, WebServices, XMPP

Platforms — Windows, Linux

Description — This is a back-end part of the location based service solution. The back-end interacts with the GPS trackers to receive position data, pass the position data through the services that determine geographical coordinates and location of the position, raise alerts based on rules and feed data into front-end. Several types of trackers are supported with specific protocols.

Windows GUI program to visualize SNA network performance data

Responsibilities — Design, implementation, input for technical writers, QA, support

Technologies — C++, win32, ODBC, MS Access database, Yacc/Lex

Platforms — Windows

Description — The solution downloads performance data from OS360 to a local database and allows user to perform various kinds of analyses/presentation of the performance data, including derived metrics, custom views, reports, drill-down and play-back functionality.

SNMP-based MQSeries Channel Failover

Responsibilities — Design, implementation of the failover part of the SNMP agent; design, implementation of GUI integrated into the NMC framework; porting to OS/2. The project is done in tight cooperation with the U.S. team working on the various parts of the SNMP agent.

Technologies — C, C++, MQSeries, SNMP, NMC

Platforms — Windows, OS/2, Unixes

Description — The solution provides automatic monitoring of IBM MQSeries channels, as well as switching and message routing in the event of channel link failures. The solution consists of an SNMP agent installed to each MQSeries node and GUI integrated into the NMC framework.

Medical System

Responsibilities — Design, implementation, QA, support.

Technologies — ColdFusion

Platforms — Windows

Description — The solution is a state wide medical system. The goal is to simplify Rx handling procedures and reduce medical and client/pharmacy communication errors. Core features include: - storing of patients' information/Rx history - generation of Rx electronically, with signature via electronic write pad - verification of Rx with Medicare and drug interaction rules - inputting of handwritten prescriptions - transfer of Rx to pharmacy by secured internet link or fax server

Business Process Automation Solution

Responsibilities — Requirements, design, implementation, QA, support

Technologies — Java, JPA 2, EJB3.1, JBoss AS, Web Services (SOAP), GWT

Platforms — Windows, Linux

Description — Intranet product for Mobile Telephony Service Providers. The product automates business flow of customer order processing, including: - processing: service/bundle/hardware ordering; - order data review and acceptation; - customer deposit check; - tracking of delivery; - SIM cards activation/blocking, etc.; - automatic parsing and processing of incoming emails; - monitoring of overdue/problematic orders The product is closely integrated with billing system.

Business Process Monitoring Solution

Responsibilities — Requirements, design, implementation, QA, support

Technologies — Java, JPA 2, EJB3.1, JBoss AS, Web Services (SOAP), GWT

Platforms — Windows, Linux

Description — Product collects business information from a wide range of data sources (databases, billing system, various intranet systems, Google analytics, etc.) and provides it to user with easy-to-analyze, user-friendly viewing, utilizing charts and diagrams (pie, bar, line. etc.), aggregated tables, etc. Product is designed in SOA style and allows for configuration of extra data sources in a generic way.


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